Premises Search & Selection

Finding your company a commercial office space to match your vision, brand and budget is what we are passionate about doing.

We spend time with you at the beginning of the project to make sure we are fully aligned with your future vision of your upcoming commercial property needs.

As an office lease/contract is one biggest expense to a company, It’s imperative that you have an un-conflicted, tenant only agent/advisor, like us, advising you throughout the process.

We will manage the whole process for you, from conception to completion. We help you make the right choice of office space and specialise in making sure that you get the best package of tenant-friendly financial terms.

One One One Office Search

We have access to Every London Office.

Once you are ready to start the office search, we will present to you all available opportunities that match your criteria.

This encompasses all on-market opportunities and off-market opportunities that we actively generate through our knowledge of tenants approaching lease expiries and breaks across London.

This combination gives you the confidence that you are aware of every relevant space before making an educated decision on your preferred option(s).

You and your team will have access to all the spaces and buildings via our tech portal, and detailed reports, so that all information can be accessed quickly and clearly as we work through the phases of your search and selection.

We will accompany you on all viewings.

We commence viewings in batches of approximately 6 at a time and keep going until we have seen all relevant options (this can be done as quickly as you need depending on your time restraints and availability).

Throughout this stage, we continue adding in any additional properties that become available via our ongoing search.

Once you have viewed a comprehensive selection of properties you will have the confidence to make an educated business decision on your preferred space.

We will put together a full cost breakdown of all your favourite options to help you make that decision. This will also include any savings we can achieve on your behalf.

Once you have your preferred options, we will negotiate on your behalf to ensure we achieve the best package of tenant friendly terms possible.

How Long Does it Take to Rent an Office?

Leasehold transactions take between 6 months and a year and Serviced or Managed transactions take about 3 months to complete, from starting your property search to moving into your chosen space.

Our project plans define how much time you would need for your own office move, to ensure you move in line with your desired timeframes, and this is something we would recommend you ask us for. It’s best to plan ahead!