Site Disposals

When you sign a lease on an office space, you agree to be responsible for that space, and all outgoing costs, for the full length of that lease.

However, your business circumstances may change and mean that you no longer need a part, or all, of that office space.

Providing that you signed a tenant-friendly lease, your business should have the option to be able to sublet or assign part, or all, of the office space to another tenant, and this is where we can help.

We never work for landlords. However, we can help you as the tenant to dispose of the office space you no longer need and remove the financial liability on your business.

We will help you work out the best option to get out of your current commercial office lease and then act as your agent in the disposal of the property.

The incoming tenant will be responsible for the Rent which you are currently paying, called the Passing Rent. The length of their lease can only be as long as the length of the term before the Expiry Date. 

3 Ways to Get Rid of Office Space You No Longer Need


We help you find a new tenant to take the office space and then your business manages the quarterly rental payments of that sub-tenant and deals with any building-related issues.


We help you find a new tenant to take the office space and then you assign your lease to that incoming tenant making them fully liable for the office space and rent for the remainder of the lease.  


The landlord may agree to take the space back from you which is called a Surrender of the Lease. The landlord would therefore have the option of issuing the incoming tenant with a brand-New Lease.


Let One One One Help you Sublet or Assign Your London Office Lease

One One One are a London commerical property company who only ever act for tenants.

We will act as your agent and actively market the available office space on your behalf to find a suitable new tenant. We will produce marketing details for you including professional photographs and a detailed floor plan.

As a business, we were formed to make UK companies stronger through their real estate decisions. The success we have achieved to date is by providing a service that is aligned with our clients.

We believe that our values are imperative to how we conduct business and run our company. They are the building blocks of our culture and they support our common business principles and our people. They form part of all our decision making in everything we do