A £50,000 cocktail, complete with a 4.1 carat diamond is coming to the Mexican restaurant Cantina Laredo in Covent Garden. It is officially the world’s most expensive margarita.

The drink  is blended with two exclusive tequilas; the 1800 Colección (retails at £2,000 a bottle) and the Jose Cuervo Platino. Instead of the traditional lime juice it uses an infusion of white pineapples and limequats and is finished with ‘lime caviar’, whatever that is. Surely a lime, is a lime?

Complete with its own security team of two, the cocktail has to be pre-ordered  as, floating on a single pineapple flower, a 4.1 carat diamond can be found. A prime stone provided by Beards, the Bond Street jewellers.

As if the world hasn’t gone mad enough! Imagine spending all that cash on a 175ml drink. Even worse; imagine swallowing that diamond.

National Margarita Day is on February 22nd.