‘Perfection Doesn’t Exist’

is the latest episode of The Ones featuring 23 year-old Personal Trainer and 3x Bestselling Author of ‘The Body Bible’, Alice Liveing.

This particularly candid conversation delves into the reasons behind Alice embarking on her healthy eating journey and the pressure that she feels towards young women.

Since filming the episode a few months ago, Alice’s social media following has increased by another 10,000; taking her Instagram audience to an impressive 609,000. When discussing the negative side effects of social media, Alice remarked:

“Social media is a positive tool if used in the right way. Like anything, we can abuse it. It can be a very dangerous space…how do we manage expectations, and how do we put strategies in place to better deal with the side effects of this incredibly contrived space? Social media wants you to be perfect all the time but recently I’ve enjoyed letting my guard down.”

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