Dogs are more than just pets. They are the UK’s favourite pet, and for many people, they’re part of the family.

If you feel guilty about leaving your furry friend at home while you head to the office, then there is a solution.

Here at One One One, we have access to Every London Office, and this includes many wonderful dog-friendly options.

More and more companies are now recognising the benefits of allowing people to bring their dogs to work with them, and we wanted to showcase seven of our best offices that allow just that.

Let’s take a look.

Benefits of Working in a Pet-Friendly Office

There are many benefits of working in a dog friendly office, and here are three of the main ones.

  • Reduced Stress & Anxiety – There are many reasons people love dogs. A key one is the fact that they chill us out and always bring a smile to our face. There is science behind this, as it has been proven that interacting with a dog significantly lowers cortisol levels, which is the hormone that creates stress. This makes them perfect for an office.
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction – For anyone who loves dogs, being able to work in a place where they can play and enjoy some time with them is a big positive and can lead to better employee retention. For anyone who has a dog and may be looking at joining your business, this can be a big incentive for them to sign up.
  • Enhanced Social Interactions – Dogs are a great icebreaker when it comes to providing a way to get your employees connecting and talking with each other. They make a great conversation starter and can help break down barriers between employees who may not otherwise interact. Over time, this will lead to better communication and camaraderie between workers which will benefit your business.

7 London Offices That are Dog Friendly

Now you know why it’s so great to work in a dog-friendly office, here are seven based in London you can take a look round right now.

1 Mark Square, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 4EG

mark square dog-friendly office space in Shoreditch

This office is situated perfectly, nestled in between Shoreditch High Street and the Old Street tube stop, making it ideal for commuting and local restaurants and entertainment.

It comes packed with great features, including an arcade room, quiet meditation room, event space, and of course, is completely dog friendly.

If you’re looking for an office packed with perks that are sure to delight your workforce, this Serviced space in Shoreditch is the one for you.

123 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, London, SW1W 9SR

buckingham palace road dog-friendly office space in Victoria

This is a stylish and modern coworking office that allows you to bring your furry friend along for a day at the desk.

With Victoria Station only five minutes walk away, and major landmarks such as Buckingham Palace just up the road, this is ideal for someone who wants to get a quick dog walk in after work and take in some of the stunning sights of London.

This is a vibrant and colourful space that is bouncing with energy and is sure to put a spring in the step of your staff.

6-7 St. John’s Lane, Farringdon, London, EC1M 4BG

st johns lane dog-friendly office space in Farringdon

This office space is perfect for any business. It contains some lovely natural effects such as plants throughout, as well as breakout spaces that are filled with ways to keep your staff entertained.

There is lots of comfortable seating where you can take a breather after a busy morning and release some stress with your furry friend beside you.

Nestled between four hubs of entertainment and business in Clerkenwell, Islington, The City and Holborn, this is a great place to situate your company.

131 Finsbury Pavement, London, EC2A 1NT

finsbury pacement dog-friendly office space in london

We head over to Finsbury now for our next selection, which boasts many great features such as a wellness room, a pool table, and plenty of conference rooms.

With great transport links only a few minutes away, this is perfect for staff to make their way into work easily and get home quickly when the day is done.

With a modern, subtle décor and plenty of stylish decorations and natural features, this is a great workplace to build your brand and delight your workforce.

And of course, dogs are allowed in which is always an added bonus.

Holland House, 4 Bury Street, The City, London, EC3A 5AW

holland house dog-friendly office space in the city of London

And now for something a little bit different.

This dog-friendly Serviced office space is located in Holland House, a grade II listed building with stunning mosaics, colourful floor tiles, and plenty of art deco influence running throughout.

On every floor, a cross shaped lobby provides amazing decoration as you head to the various offices and breakout rooms situated in the building.

Right in the heart of the City of London, this is ideal for financial businesses who want to provide their workforce with something a little different and leave a lasting impression on any visitors.

Medius House, 2 Sheraton Street, Soho, London, W1F 8BH

medius house dog-friendly office space in soho

This office used to be a music publishing house, and there are still some features that remain, such as an amazing grand piano in the entrance.

If your business is in the music industry, then this is definitely the office for you, but it also provides some amazing features which makes it perfect for any company.

Based in a historic building and including large bay windows and exposed brick walls to maintain some of the charm, this is a great office space full of character.

There’s nothing you (or your dog) won’t love.

North West House, 119 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5PU

north west house dog-friendly office space in Marylebone

Our final dog-friendly office is based in Marylebone and offers nine floors of modern workspace.

With three stations on your doorstep, this is perfect for commuting and also has Regent’s Park just outside which is ideal for a lunch hour walk with your dog when you’re both ready for a spot of fresh air and a stretch of the legs.

With brainstorming rooms, recreational games, a wellness room, and bike storage available, there are many appeals to this modern, versatile, office space.

Dog Friendly London Offices from One One One

If you’re looking for dog friendly office space in London, then why not get in touch with One One One today.

We have many offices available, from large offices with hundreds of desks, offices perfect for small businesses starting up, and amazing workspaces that offer great views over London with their own outside space.

We also have many more dog-friendly offices available, so why not check out our full portfolio today.