As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, many people start to flock to many of the lovely parks spread across London.

While many people think of London as a built up metropolis of offices and shops, the truth is that nearly half of the capital is green space, with 37% of it being taken up by parks and allotments.

Every year thousands of people head to these green spaces, and many Londoners enjoy relaxing in the sun and spotting many of the stunning features and landmarks spread throughout them.

Being so close to these parks is a real perk of being in London, and it is even better when your office is right next door.

If you are within walking distance of a park, you get the chance to enjoy lunch there, or a casual stroll to get in some exercise after work.

Here at One One One, we have access to Every London Office, and we want to share with you some of the best places that your company can start working in today.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of five brilliant London offices that are right next door to a park.

Let’s take a look.

greenwich park with london in the background

The Benefits of Working Near a Park

Working next to a park can be a real treat, and offers many benefits, including:

  • Mental Wellbeing – Being close to some green space is ideal for allowing you and your staff to take a break and get some fresh air. Being in nature is great for mental health, and can reduce stress, feelings of depression, and anxiety, even if it’s just a little stroll through the park.

  • Physical Activities – Mental health is also boosted by performing physical activities, such as running or cycling. If you are situated next to a park, your employees can get some exercise in before, during, or after work, and may benefit from some great outdoor fitness classes that are regularly held across London’s green space.

  • More Chance for Team Building – A park is a great place for people to meet and talk with each other. Whether it is sitting down and grabbing a spot to eat in the sunshine, or enjoying a walk and a natter after work, it is a place where your staff can converge, and this is great for forging friendships and building togetherness.

  • Great Views – Another benefit is simply that you get some amazing views. While there are many amazing landmarks spread across London, the parks are some of the most naturally beautiful, and if you can work and see these places outside of your window (or on your roof terrace), it’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

There are plenty more benefits, but for now, let’s look at five offices that you can start working in right now that are a short distance away from one of London’s amazing parks.

5 Offices Near a Park in London

64 Knightsbridge, SW1X 7JF

We start a short stroll from the famous Hyde Park, and with this lovely Serviced office space in Knightsbridge.

Hyde Park is the largest of all the Royal Parks and isn’t just an amazing space to enjoy a spot of relaxation or a stroll, but also a vibrant entertainment venue with regular concerts and more being held there throughout the year.

This office space is actually part of a member’s club, which makes it a great place to enjoy socialising after work and enjoying a spot of entertainment.

There is also event space plus an outdoor terrace which only adds to the list of great features in this location.

With up to 150 desks available and one of the most famous parks in the world right on your doorstep, this is perfect for any business, big or small, and with two tube stations within walking distance, getting across the city couldn’t be easier.

15 King Street, St James’s, SW1A 1ER

St James's office space

Our next two offices are a short walking distance away from St. James’s Park which is the oldest Royal Park in London and is well known for landmarks such as The Mall, Horse Guards Parade, and for being on the doorstep of Buckingham Palace.

This is an amazing park to spend some time in, with lakes, palaces, and memorials to occupy your time.

This Managed office space on Kings Street is ideal for small businesses. There is enough desk space for twelve employees, and plenty of great features such as a meeting room, breakout space, and access to a business lounge and roof terrace.

It has a minimalist design but packs a punch when it comes to comfortable seating and amazing natural light (it sits on the corner of the building so you’re sure to love the amount of light that gets through the huge windows).

Orchard Place at the Broadway, Victoria, SW1E 5RS

victoria office space

Near St. James’s Park again is this office space in the Orchard Place at the Broadway.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a park while inside this one-of-a-kind workspace.

Your employees will love the blend of office buzz and wellness retreat relaxation. With natural plants occupying much space, it’s a great space for businesses looking for somewhere that will really stand out.

If you are in an industry with environmental concerns right at the forefront, then this is the place for you.

All furnishings and seating have been designed to add to the earthy tones that run throughout, and you can always feel yourself take a deep breath of fresh air as you step through the door.

And the best part? You’re in the bustling business district of Victoria and the iconic St. James’s Park is just outside.

Who said work had to be stressful?

The Atrium Building, 29a Kentish Town Road, NW1 8NL

kentish town road office space

Our next office is a short distance away from The Regent’s Park, another one of the eight Royal Parks that are situated throughout London.

This is a great place to wander through if you’re a lover of flowers, with more than 12,000 roses in bloom if you visit at the right time.

There are great sports facilities here which is ideal for employees who want to blow off some steam after work with some team sports.

The office space in the Atrium Building also has a natural feel, with plenty of plants throughout. It also has some great features, including breakout space and more.

One of the real benefits of this workspace is that it is Managed and completely customisable, meaning you can design it as you wish to really get your brand personality in there.

It’s also right next to Camden Town, which is a great place to be for exciting entertainment, restaurants, and nightlife.

118 Piccadilly, Mayfair, W1J 7NW

mayfair office space

Our final office is nestled right in between Hyde Park and St. James’s Park, meaning you get the best of both worlds when you choose to work here.

There are several amazing Serviced offices in this building that is situated right in the heart of Mayfair. The office space has maintained some of the historic charm that it’s exterior showcases and boasts some interesting décor such as a Georgian ceiling and authentic fireplaces.

Another park that is nearby is Green Park, and you can enjoy a spot of fresh air and an amazing view as you stand on the balcony that overlooks it. On a sunny day when the sky is blue, it’s a truly wonderful sight.

This is split into several spaces ranging from four to twenty desks, so is perfect for start-ups and businesses looking to place themselves in a great part of London and in a building full of character.

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