There are lots of different types of offices throughout London.

Some are big, some are small.

Some are traditional, some are modern.

At One One One, we have access to Every London Office, and this means we get to take a look inside every property available and see what great features are on offer.

When choosing office space in London for your business, it is vital you take into account every detail, including what different facilities are on offer.

Features can make or break an office space, and their importance can’t be understated.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of seven of the key features available throughout London offices today.

Let’s take a look.

The Importance of Features

The average person will spend a third of their life at work.

That can add up to around 90,000 hours.

This is a huge chunk of time that is spent inside an office, so it is essential you provide your staff with a place where they can feel at home, and they have everything they need to enjoy being at work.

Having things to motivate your staff, or somewhere they can recharge their batteries after a busy morning, is essential in getting the most out of your workforce.

A happy team is a productive team, and the office that surrounds them plays a key part in keeping morale high.

Not only that, but office space forms part of a brand. For guests to your business, a well-kept office packed with the latest features will immediately form a strong impression in their mind about your business, and this can go a long way in cementing a positive relationship.

Ask yourself, what do you want from your team?

Motivation. Innovation. Passion. Energy. Efficiency.

All of these can be boosted by choosing an office space with the right features for your business.

So, with that in mind, let’s get down to business, and see the 7 key features that can transform your workplace today.

1. Breakout Space

Everyone needs a break.

Whether it’s a half hour in the middle of the day while you grab something to eat, or a brief ten minutes after a whirlwind few hours.

Breakout rooms make a huge difference to any office as they provide your staff with somewhere to go away from their computer, catch a breath and relax.

They are the perfect spot for your staff members to socialise and get to know each other, and a more relaxed setting to discuss work if that is what some of your workforce prefers.

Breakout space comes in different shapes and sizes. You could have something like this office in Devonshire Square, which contains a large room full of private seating where you can have a quick chat with your friend.

Or, if you’re feeling competitive, some even contain sporting equipment such as this office in Finsbury Pavement which allows staff to blow off some steam on a pool table.

Breakout space is a part of your office where people may not feel like they’re in an office, and when in the middle of a gruelling shift, that can be worth its weight in gold.

10 Devonshire Square

2. A Gym

Physical fitness has a big effect on mental health.

A recent study compared the feelings of participants after a period of activity (walking etc.) in comparison to being sat down doing something like reading a book or watching television.

The results showed that after some activity, the participants overwhelmingly felt more awake, calmer, and more alert.

All it takes is five or ten minutes of brisk walking to raise someone’s heartrate and provide them with a boost.

When motivation is lacking, this can be a key factor in getting the most out of your team.

A gym is also a great incentive to work for a certain company.

For somebody who is health conscious, having a gym they can use that is in their workplace and is free can clinch the deal on choosing whether they want to work for a company.

The average gym membership in the UK is around £40 a month, so you could be saving your staff nearly £500 a year by having the right facilities on site.

And finally, a gym can provide a big boost to your brand. If you’re in health and fitness, having a modern, well-equipped gym on site is the perfect way to show all guests to your office that you practise what you preach, as is shown by Gymshark in this office tour.

Don’t think there’s any office space like this in London?

Think again, as we have space in Farringdon, Soho and beyond, which comes equipped with high-quality workout equipment.

16 St. John’s Lane, Farringdon

3. Disabled Access

This isn’t a feature really. It’s more of an essential. I am placing it on this list though, as it is something that must not be overlooked.

Disabled access is vital and must make the office usable and comfortable for anyone with a disability.

There are many features that help with disabled access, including ramps and lifts so that all floors and rooms can be accessed. Some doorways must also be made wider so it is easy for a wheelchair to fit through, and the opening of the doors should be automatic for people who may struggle pushing them.

You must also focus on areas such as toilets and have the right facilities available.

No business wants to exclude someone due to a disability, so making sure you have all of the right equipment in place, such as clear signage and lighting for someone who may be visually impaired, can make a huge difference.

Luckily, many offices are now built with these structures already in place.

We have plenty of office space available that caters to the needs of disabled employees, including this office in the City of London and this space in St. James’s Square.

63 St. Mary Axe, The City of London

4. Showers

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of a little bit of exercise throughout your day, and a great way to get this is by turning your morning drive to the office into a run or a cycle.

One thing that turns people off this idea, is the idea of changing into your shirt and tie whilst still sweaty from your commute.

Well, fear no more as we have some stunning office space with showers available for you to clean off, freshen up, and prepare to get to work.

Research shows that over half of UK employees would like to cycle to work, so you could be providing the ability to do this to a huge chunk of your employees.

Not only does it boost morale, but it is also great for the environment, which is brilliant for the planet. It is also a way to practise what you preach for businesses who focus heavily on sustainability.

Showers become even more essential when paired with other features, such as gyms.

If a worker can go for a brisk walk or pump some iron during their lunch break, we already know just how much that can increase their productivity and improve their mental health.

Don’t let a fear of smelling of sweat for the rest of the day put your employees off, and offer them showers, such as in these offices in Warehouse Square and London Bridge.

1 Clink Street, London Bridge

5. Outside Space

An office is somewhere where most people spend at least eight hours a day.

That’s a long time to be inside for without any fresh air.

If you can provide a space for your staff to take a break and enjoy the feel of the sun on their face, or a nice cool breeze on a hot day, then it can make a huge difference to the working environment.

Outside space, such as gardens and roof terraces, can be used for much more than just breaks as well.

There’s nothing better than taking a work meeting under a warm sun, and the chance to go outside and do this can be a huge boost in morale for workers who may otherwise be inside all day staring out the windows at a lovely summer’s day.

There are many proven health benefits, both physical and mental, to being outside, including reduced feelings of stress, improved confidence, and a closer connection to nature.

It is also a great way of getting much-needed vitamin D.

An outdoors area can be used for similar reasons to a breakout room, and makes a great place for employees to socialise, get to know each other, and discuss ideas. All of this can be done somewhere that may only be on the other side of a door to the office but may feel miles away.

And of course, don’t forget the treat that is the famous London skyline, which contains everything from some of Europe’s tallest buildings, to historical landmarks.

We have some great London office space that contains stunning gardens and terraces, including this serviced office in Old Street Yard and this manged office in Southwark.

1 Old Street Yard

6. Meeting Rooms

Nearly every business has meetings.

Whether it is an internal meeting to discuss ideas and come up with plans, or you’re speaking to clients, partners, or other external parties and trying to form relationships, the last thing you want is to be huddled around a computer.

Meeting rooms are important in many ways.

Firstly, this is the first impression many people will get of your business. Potential employees may be interviewed here. Guests will be welcomed and chatted to here. If the room is sub-standard, or there isn’t one at all, then this may reflect poorly on your business.

The important thing is to have a meeting room that suits your team.

Are you a large company? Then you may need something that has space for many attendees such as this office space in Covent Garden. If you are a small business, you may only require something on a much smaller scale such as in this Minster Court office.

You may be a historical and established company who wants to showcase traditional décor throughout your meeting room and opt for something like this office space in Lombard Street. Or you may feel like your brand would suit something more modern like this Foley Street space.

Just like an office, a meeting room requires some features.

Having projectors, screens, computers, whiteboards and more makes it much easier to showcase and formulate plans and ideas which can make a meeting run efficiently.

Remember, this is the room the outside world may see the most, so make sure it’s up to scratch and on brand to leave a lasting good impression.

33 Foley Street, Fitzrovia

7. Parking

We mentioned earlier about how most people are now leaning towards a bike to work scheme.

While this is true, it doesn’t mean that you can neglect the rest of the workforce who drive to work.

Parking in the centre of London can cost up to £4.90 an hour, which is a huge chunk of someone’s wage.

Providing employees with a space they can leave their car free of charge is a huge boost to people who live too far away to bike and with no train route available.

It is also somewhere people will feel comfortable leaving their car and somewhere they know their car is close to them to save them from having to walk long distances back and forth during the day.

Parking is scarce in London and gets even scarcer the nearer you get to the centre and the main attractions, so being able to provide a space for your workforce can be a huge positive and a big morale boost for staff, not to mention the financial savings.

We have some great offices that include parking in some of the sought-after areas of London, such as Canary Wharf, Paddington, and Shoreditch.

2 Kingdom Street, Paddington

And an Added Bonus Feature… A Slide!

Now, I know I only promised seven features, but I couldn’t leave this one out.

The features listed above are seen in offices throughout the land, but we do have one that is pretty rare.

So rare in fact, we only have one office that contains it.

They say time is money in business, so save yourself precious seconds and energy that would be spent going up and down stairs by choosing an office with a slide!

It’s great fun and certainly something that will be memorable for any guests.

Check out the video below to find out more.

Final Thoughts

Features make an office.

These are a selection of the great features offices can have, and we didn’t even mention our pet-friendly ones.

This is a place your employees spend a huge chunk of time, so making sure it is just right for them is really important.

Through our comprehensive catalogue of Every London Office, we have access to offices which contain all of these features and more.

For a quick chat, or for us to begin our office search for your business, get in touch today.

We look forward to speaking with you.