Leasehold Offices

Leasehold office space, also known as Conventional Office Space, is the more traditional form of renting an office.

Renting Leasehold Office Space

If you are a medium to large-sized business (and financially secure so you don’t have to have a large rent deposit), then leasehold commercial space often works out more cost-effective than other ways of occupying an office in London or anywhere in the United Kingdom.

New leases are typically longer than flexible office options, like Serviced or Managed, and historically are a minimum of 3 years upwards with 5-year terms being very common.

However, shorter leases are possible, through Subleases and Assignments, and of course, you can sign for longer terms too.

For Leasehold properties, as well as the Rent, Rates and Service Charge, you would be responsible for all the running costs of maintaining your office space, often called “your demise”.

Pre-fitted space is widely available, however if you wanted to fit out an office to your own specification then you’ll need to bare this cost in mind too as it can be quite expensive.

Leasehold transactions do take a lot longer than Serviced or Managed transactions. We recommend a minimum of 6 months (for smaller sized spaces) as a comfortable timeframe for viewing offices through to moving in. Medium to large scale office transactions can take close to at least 1 year upwards.

A project plan would define how much time you need for your office move and this and is something we would recommend you ask us for. It’s best to plan ahead!

Let One One One Find the Perfect Leasehold Office For You

As an office lease is one of the biggest expenses to a company, it’s imperative that you have an un-conflicted, tenant only agent/advisor, like us, advising you throughout the process.

We will manage the whole process for you, from conception to completion. We help you make the right choice of office space and specialise in making sure that you get the best package of tenant-friendly financial terms.

If you’re weighing up your options and can’t decide whether to stay where you are in your current office or make the move to a new office, we can help you conduct a Stay vs Go Analysis. This would include showing you what’s on the market through reports, or physical viewings, and then weighing these options up with the costs of your current office as part of that process.

If you’re not in a rush and just want to see what’s currently on the market, we will happily send you an office availability report bespoke to your own business requirements.

Once you are ready to start the office search, we will accompany you on viewings to see all opportunities that match your criteria.

We have access to Every London Office, which also includes off market gems that we are aware of through our extensive knowledge of who is moving and when.

Once you have viewed a comprehensive selection of properties you will have the confidence to make an educated business decision on your preferred space. All information on the properties is made easily accessible via our tech portal to streamline the process to your advantage.

We will put together a full cost breakdown of all your favourite options to help you make that decision. This will also include any savings we can achieve on your behalf.

Once you have your preferred options, we will negotiate on your behalf to ensure we achieve the best package of tenant friendly terms possible.

Our Project Plans ensure we have a clear timeline encompassing all critical dates you need to be aware of, to move in line with your desired timeframes for acquiring your new office.

At One One One we always like being completely transparent with our clients and this is why we charge fixed fees for our service so there are no surprises when you receive our invoice.

There is no upfront cost, and you only pay us a fixed fee if we are successful in finding you a new premises. We will only look for payment of our fees upon successful exchange, completion or occupation of your new Leasehold premises.

About One One One

One One One are a London commerical property company who only ever act for tenants.

As a business, we were formed to make UK companies stronger through their real estate decisions. The success we have achieved to date is by providing a service that is aligned with our clients.

We believe that our values are imperative to how we conduct business and run our company. They are the building blocks of our culture and they support our common business principles and our people. They form part of all our decision making in everything we do