Finally, an idea I might have dreamt into existence: Uber has launched a new hairdressing app that allows women to book a professional stylist in the comfort of their own home (or office, hotel).  The promise: the blow-drying expert will arrive at their door within half an hour of making the order. Sounds delightful.

The idea: the customer books the service, washes their hair and by the time they’re done, the stylist is ringing their bell. How does it work? The customer’s request will be sent to all salons within a one-mile radius – the first salon to accept the job will be sent an Uber to the client’s destination, and will also be collected by Uber once they have completed the job. Genius! As with Uber, both the stylist and the customer will have the opportunity to rate each other out of five. Coming from someone whose hair (mane) needs weekly taming; this service sounds like a God-send. However, it’s not cheap. Prices for blowdries currently start at £65.

The app is in partnership with the Dubai-based beauty tech firm bgX and currently includes approximately 15 salons across central London.

The app launched yesterday in the SW1 postcode with the idea to extend to Kensington and Chelsea, and then across central London by the end of the year. May we all rest peacefully in Hair Heaven.