Have you ever wondered what the tallest three buildings in London are? And how they compare to the tallest buildings around the world? You will be amazed when you see how they compare, and especially how they compare to the future planned buildings of the world.

Historically London has not been known for its skyscrapers compared to other major cities like Manhattan, Tokyo and Beijing. In the last 12 years there has been a real drive from property developers to change that. Laws have been eased to allow London to become one of Europe’s tallest centres and having an office in the sky is now possible.

In this video we show you the three tallest buildings that London has to offer, and we compare them to the world’s highest. You will be amazed at how they are dwarfed by the high rises around the world.

The third highest building in London, at 235m tall, is 1 Canada Square in Canary wharf, also referred to as Docklands. There are plenty of available offices to choose from in the building at present.

In second place, standing at 278m/ 62 stories high is 22 Bishopsgate in the City of London. This building is also referred to as Twentytwo, or as the Helter Skelter. This is considered a very successful office development with only a few remaining available office floors.

The tallest building in London, coming in at first place, is The Shard at a massive 309m tall. Positioned south of the river in Southwark, it is an internationally recognised piece of architecture. It is the tallest building in the UK, and the 7th tallest in Europe. The building is a mixed-use development made up of restaurant, hotel, residential apartments and office space. The building is fully let with only a small amount of office availability coming up each year.

Although these London buildings are extremely high, it is amazing to see how insignificant they are when stood next to the world’s tallest buildings. Also, the expected development of tall buildings around the world over the next decade is going to make them even less significant in height. For example, the plans for the build of The Tokyo Tower of Babel measures in at an incredible 10,000m tall.

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