So, the time has come for you to find a new office.

This is an exciting time, as your company may be expanding or you may be heading to a new location full of potential, so why is there a nagging feeling of dread at the back of your mind?

Well, it’s there because finding an office isn’t easy.

It’s a big decision not just for you, but for your business and employees.

So, how do you make sure the office you find is the perfect one for you?

Here at One One One, we have access to every London office, and we know a thing or two about locating the perfect space for your business.

That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to help you find yours.

Let’s take a look.

1. Work Out Your Essentials First

At the heart of every office search, are a list of essentials.

These are boxes that need to be ticked as you try and find the perfect space for you.

Location is a common one. If you’re based in London, you may want to be at the heart of creativity in Shoreditch, or if you’re a tech company you may want to be right next to the Silicon roundabout in Hackney.

Where your office is located can have a huge impact on your employee wellbeing, and also provide a big boost when networking with other businesses.

Other essentials are space. If you want to provide a generous space for your employees, then around 100 sq.ft. per person is a good bet.

Whether you’re a small company with only a few employees, or you’re a large one with a huge group of staff that all need their own space, this will have a huge impact on the types of office you look at.

The final key essential is price.

It’s vital that you search within your budget. If you see an office you love but it is too expensive, then you may end up paying too much, or your search will drag out as you never find something suitable.

Set yourself financial limits and only look at offices that are in your price range.

64 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3QR outside space
64 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3QR

2. Ask your employees

No business works well without happy employees.

Things like a space where your staff can take a quick break away from their desks is hugely beneficial not just for employee wellbeing, but also for productivity.

No one business is the same, and no one person inside that business is the same, so why not hold a survey before moving to see what kind of things your employees would love in a new office.

Breakout space, such as in this stunning office in Knightsbridge, can add a whole new dimension to a working day and give your employees not just a place to relax, but a place to socialise with their colleagues.

A nice kitchen and eating area can also make a huge difference and provide a space for having a chat, as well as an area that is away from the desks where people can forget about work for a while.

Office space has a big effect on productivity.

Knowing if your employees would prefer a quiet place to work, somewhere it is free and easy to discuss things throughout the day, or even a co-working space that is shared with another company, by simply asking them you can make sure you’re always picking the perfect spot.

It’s also good practise to think about what kind of business you run.

Are you a fitness brand, then an on-site gym would be perfect. An artwork company would benefit from quirky design.

Find what works for you and your staff and focus on offices that can provide the perfect environment.

12 Moorgate, London EC2R 6DA

3. Be Open Minded

You’d be amazed at what you can find in an office.

If when you think of an office, you picture bland space, then think again.

Offices now come packed with colours and accessories that can really add a boost to your workforce (some even come with a slide!)

If you’re just starting out on your search for a new London office, then it’s important to be open to seeing what’s out there.

By taking this approach, you’re sure to stumble upon some great features that you may not have known you wanted, or even have known they existed!

Working space is constantly evolving. The last few years have been a turbulent time and with the rise of remote working, office spaces have changed.

This makes it a perfect time to be open to trying something new.

Why not opt for a laid-back approach and have some comfortable lounge areas where people can work without being sat at a desk.

Do you want to try a roaming desk policy where places aren’t locked down and people can move around as they please?

These may not have been things you initially thought you would consider, but they may just provide a huge boost in productivity and staff wellbeing, so don’t be shy to give them a try.

10 Bloomsbury Way, Holborn, London WC1A 2SL

4. Do Your Research

As we mentioned earlier, finding the perfect office space is a huge decision.

What you must not do is jump into making a quick choice, and make sure you do your research first.

There are plenty of different types of office out there.

Serviced or Managed?

Leasehold or Freehold?

Not only the type of office, but the location as well.

If you were looking to work somewhere surrounded by similar businesses, then a quick check on the internet can let you know exactly which office is located where.

You can also see where the nearest places to eat are, or local entertainment, to make sure you’re finding somewhere your staff will love.

And of course, the best way to know if you’re really going to love a place is to take a stroll around. If you have several different areas in mind, then spend a day travelling to each one and having a wander.

Walk to the office in question.

How far is it from the nearest tube station?

Is there parking nearby?

All of these questions will help you come to the conclusion of where your perfect working location is.

If you just focus on one kind of office, you may be limiting your scope down and you might miss out on your dream working space, so spend a bit of time looking into it or speak to some professionals who can provide all of the information you need.

Alternatively, if you don’t have the time to take a wander, why not check out some of our videos, such as the one below.

5. Let the Professionals Do It for You

You can find an office on your own, but there is a better way.

One One One have years of experience in listening to our client’s needs and locating the office space that is perfect for them and their business.

With access to every London office, we can provide you with unparalleled options to satisfy your needs.

So, why should you use a professional?

Well, firstly we can send bespoke recommendations, as well as provide in-depth information on the surrounding areas.

Simply tell us what you are looking for, and we will find it.

Not only that, but there are many added services that our team of professional office agents can provide, such as rent negotiations, advice on dilapidations, the formulating of a workplace strategy, and much more.

What you need to ensure is that you find a company who listen to you.

Find someone who sits you down before any offices have been looked at and talks with you about your brand, your employees, and your vision for your perfect working environment.

That way, you know you are in safe hands when it comes to finding the perfect office space.

If you choose to appoint One One One, then you are choosing a team who will be there from the conception of your idea to the moment the keys are in your hand, and beyond.

73 Watling Street, The City, London EC4M 9BJ

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