The 22nd of April marks Earth Day, a day marked to demonstrate support in being environmentally friendly and sustainable. Earth Day started way back in the 70’s, in an effort to protect and preserve our health, our families and our livelihoods, by taking better care of the earth. 

It is with a great big smile on our face that we can proudly say that London is one of the most forward thinking cities in the world.  And we are very fortunate to be a part of it, as it shifts and morphs its way into a cleaner future.

In the past few years we have seen a stark difference in the way our city has focussed on changing its infrastructure for the better. The congestion charge deterring people to drive, the Boris bikes enabling easy cycling, the new diesel-hybrid busses, improved cycling and pedestrian paths, parks and green spaces being preserved and created, and new public policies aimed at getting London’s buildings as energy efficient as possible. 

For all its quirks, London is trying hard at becoming the sprawling green metropolis we all deserve. 

In 2013, the University of London’s sustainability programme installed two beehives atop the roof of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. This location was picked as it is just off of Russell Square, where the bees have plenty of foliage to pollinate. This movement was done to increase awareness of the declining honeybee population in the UK. There are several projects like this around London to encourage bee populations which are so vital to our ecosystem. 

Lots of companies in London and across the UK are making sustainability their priority, and are doing their bit to ensure reduced carbon footprint and more sustainable living and working. In our industry as an example; Keyboards & Dreams, a Serviced Office provider, have made a pledge to sustainability. Ensuring that 100% of their office spaces are powered from renewable energy, removing single-use materials from their offices, using reduced energy items such as LED bulbs, and much more. Have a look at their green company ethos here

Here at One One One, we have found clients now pay a lot more interest in supporting a sustainable way of doing business. We have access to Every London Office and have many Managed and Serviced office spaces that boast green credentials. Have a look at which spaces would be the best for you and your team, and if you need a helping hand in your search, why not check out our guide to finding the perfect London office space.

Here are a few commercial buildings that are keeping an eye firmly on a greener future. 

The Stanley Building, 7 Pancras Square, King’s Cross, London, N1C 4AG, is a bastion of sustainability. 


The renovated Victorian building has been thrusted into the 21st century keeping sustainable working in mind. Boasting a rooftop terrace filled with greenery, a bike shed that promotes getting on the saddle to work, and with rainwater harvesting technology. The wonderful thing about this, is that this is now becoming the new normal, with architects across the city understanding the worth that sustainability can bring to a workplace. 

31-35 Kirby street, Farringdon, London, EC1N 8TE, is one of the most progressive office spaces in the UK when it comes to creating a sustainable workplace.


Not only have they focussed on being environmentally sustainable, but also a mentally sustainable place to work. With great emphasis on making the most use out of natural light, and with rooms that are flexible to accommodate different ways of working. Almost every floor of this space has places for outdoor working.

This is also one of the mainstays of living in a post-pandemic world, ventilation and airflow are now one of the priorities that architects think of when concerning designing office spaces. 

31-35 Kirby Street has thoroughly thought of its place in the future, and how we as humans will interact with a building in a more sustainable way. 

201 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1JA, is another office that has started its path along the sustainable revolution. 


This 1980s building optimises sustainability with its green roof gardens, rainwater harvesting, low energy lighting, solar panels, and lots of bike storage.

It is only a 2 minute walk to Borough station. The Serviced Offices feel spacious with high concrete ceilings. Amenities onsite include a Café, showers, gym, phone booths, focus booths and 9 meeting rooms.

Working in buildings like these that are focused on sustainability and have perks like terraced rooftops is something that will easily draw in new talent and keep your team happy. 

This trend to be more sustainable will hopefully be carried on through other aspects of London as it develops. We have a great deal of trust that we will continue to promote better standards of working and living. 
If you are interested in finding a sustainable office for your team, please do get in contact with us. We are more than happy to have a chat about how we can meet your requirements.