Considering market rent guides aren’t the most exciting of things, I think we’ve done a sterling job of turning them into something that looks fresh and different and digestible. Because I’m so proud, I’m using this as an opportunity to showcase some of my recent favourites.

We update each guide every quarter and I have the fun task of selecting the images and editing the design. I think you’ll agree they’re quite pretty, if I may say so myself. Here’s a few from *Q4 2017:

*Previously coming from a creative industry background, I’d never heard the term ‘Q’ until I began my role as Head of Creative at One One One. For those of you that may not know; ‘Q’ refers to a quarter. As in, a year is split into four quarters consisting of groups of three months.  Quite clever. Now it’s a term I overhear in the office on a daily basis, funny that.