London is an eclectic mix of buildings and culture.

Just a brief wander through the streets of this famous city and you will take in everything, from historic landmarks, to exciting, modern structures.

One thing that is always at the forefront of design and functionality is office space.

Here at One One One, we have years of experience working with London offices and have seen trends grow (and some fall away).

Something that always excites us is how the future of office space will look, and we’ve created this blog to give you a glimpse into just that.

Let’s take a look.

Looking into the Future of London Offices

There is one trend that is taking over many office spaces throughout London and beyond, and that is co-working.

Many places, such as The Office Group, have created a stunning portal from which employees can embrace collaboration and teamwork in a wide range of different flexible locations.

So how does a brand like this stay at the forefront of the growing desire for collaborative space?

They do this by offering great features such as high-speed internet, comfortable furniture, meeting rooms, and member perks such as access to entrepreneurs and other creative individuals in your industry.

But The Office Group aren’t the only business in on the act. There are a whopping 1322 co-working spaces in London alone, a whole 1000 more than Paris.

London is very much seen as the capital of coworking, and with the demand for flexible workspaces increasing by 22% last year, they certainly seem to have positioned themselves as the leading location at the right time.

Of course, co-working isn’t the only thing building some interest. There are other design and functionality features that are gaining interest as well, such as:

  • Health and Well-Being – The pandemic and subsequent change in working habits shone a light on the effect workspaces have on people, and since then there has been a welcomed push to design offices that focus heavily on the mental health of the employees.
  • Sustainability and Eco-Design – London is a city that always promotes a sustainable approach to design, and offices are quickly catching up, with many features such as renewable energy usage and green roofs helping in this regard.
  • Technology Integration1 in 4 workers now have a hybrid work week, meaning they spend some time at home and some in the office. This has made technology paramount to keeping employees connected, and incorporating video conferencing software and other technological advances is now commonplace in London offices.

4 Futuristic London Offices

Now you know what London offices are embracing to prepare for the future, here’s some office spaces that can give you a glimpse of it right now.

The Crystal

We mentioned how sustainability is a key consideration in office space now, and one place that really showcases this is Siemens’ The Crystal.

This stunning office space offers sleek architecture combined with great technological features.

What really makes this building stand out is its sustainability. It actually generates more energy than it consumes through solar panels and geothermal wells, as well as adopting great energy waste features and a focus on natural lighting.

This is all finished off with a really natural feel when inside which, combined with the other features, makes this a stunning futuristic office.

The Edge

Just catching a glimpse of The Edge, which is situated in the heart of London, and you are immediately transported to a year far beyond 2023.

Stunning architecture and modern design combine to create something truly special.

Technology is key when you step inside, with some amazing features such as apps that allow each employee to control their environment from their smartphone.

There is also a real focus on sustainability, with advanced heating and cooling systems, solar panels, and more, to make this a cost and energy-efficient place to work.

Large glass panels create a light and natural environment, and there’s even a gym and some other great wellness features to top it all off.

Google UK

Now you may have heard of the company, but did you know they have an office right here in London?

Head over to King’s Cross and you will stumble upon Google’s London Headquarters.

This is an amazing workspace that has been built with the employee in mind. Want a stroll around a park? Well, there is some right inside the office.

Like a bit of mystery? There are hidden rooms behind some bookshelves for perfect privacy.

With so many features, Google has done a great job of creating a brilliant work environment, and the final result is a workspace that will leave every employee feeling productive, creative, and raring to go.

This workspace has bright colours, quirky furnishings, and all the technology you will ever need to collaborate and present to your co-workers, whether they’re at home or in the office.

The Shard

The Shard may be one of London’s most recognisable buildings (not least because of the fact that it is the tallest) but it is also an amazing, futuristic workspace.

Standing well over 300 metres tall, this building has to be seen to be believed.

While this may not boast some of the futuristic features of the other offices on this list, it certainly gives us a glimpse into the coming years of high-rise workspaces.

From the outside, this super-sleek structure looks as modern as they come, and with cutting-edge design throughout, it’s certainly not lacking in style.

Glass adorns the outside and is one of the biggest reasons that The Shard has found itself becoming one of the key landmarks across the famous London skyline.

How One One One is Shaping the Future of Office Search

The future is coming for us all, and in office space, there is no time like the present to adapt and prepare.

Now, you may have read this blog and be wondering how One One One fits into all of this.

Well, while the offices change, so does the way we approach our job as agents.

Keeping up with the times is vital in our role, and that’s why we always use the most advanced technology and expertise to always find you the perfect office in the most efficient time.

We can let you build your own office, or you can come to us with only a few details and let us do the rest. Either way, the ideal office is never far away.

We understand how hard it can be to find the right office, with every company having different needs and requirements.

And we also understand how just finding the office isn’t the end of the process, with negotiations and more to follow.

We cover every step for you, providing several offices as suggestions and carrying on working until you find the right one. We will also negotiate for you, as well as many other jobs such as managing lease renewals, dilapidations, and helping with expansion.

We have years of experience working on traditional offices, and futuristic ones, so get in touch with your needs today, and let us find the office that meets them.

Step into the Future with One One One

If you did want to find the perfect futuristic office that your business can call home, then get in touch with our team today.

We can start the hunt for your new home right now.

Alternatively, why not use our build your own office tool and let us know exactly what you’re looking for today.

We look forward to hearing from you.