When you picture an office, you may imagine something fast-paced and frantic.

But this doesn’t have to be the case.

When it comes to the environment of an office space, having something that is relaxing and laid back can actually have a big effect on boosting productivity, reducing stress, and enhancing creativity.

Here at One One One, we see many different kinds of office space, and we have five relaxing offices right in the heart of London to share with you in this article.

Let’s take a look.

241 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 6FJ
241 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 6FJ

Why a Relaxing Office Space is Beneficial

79% of us experience work-related stress.

Whether it’s impending deadlines, ever-growing workloads, or something else, it is common to have thoughts of work occupy your mind, even after you have clocked out.

Most workers spend eight hours a day in an office, and this is a big factor when it comes to the emotions of the workforce.

A relaxing environment and features that can help workers catch a breath can have many benefits, including these three:

  • Improved Mental Health – If your employees are struggling with their mental health, then adding some relaxing elements into your workspace could help. Items such as greenery and quiet zones where someone can step away from their desk for a while can be a big help in alleviating stress and anxiety caused by work.
  • Better Collaboration – If someone is feeling stressed at work, then they are more likely to get their head down and avoid communication with workmates. This can lead to a lack of collaboration and poor working relationships. A relaxed environment and somewhere people can sit and chat that is comfortable and calm can go a long way to boosting communication and really benefit both the business and the staff.
  • Better Productivity – Office space has a huge effect on the productivity of a workforce. If someone feels relaxed at work, they are much more likely to be motivated and engaged in their tasks, rather than having their mind wander elsewhere. Their energy will be channelled towards the job in front of them and this can lead to much better results and efficiency.

There are many ways a relaxing office can help to keep your employees happy, and if you think this could help you, then here are five offices that you can take a look around right now.

5 Relaxing London Offices

Atrium, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, NW1 8AH

If you’re looking for a stunning office space that offers unrivalled views and modern style, then the Atrium is for you.

With a whopping 650 desks available, this is ideal for any business, big or small.

The lobby is truly breathtaking, with three floors of furnished Serviced office spaces covering all sides.

There are plenty of features to love here, including meeting spaces, breakout rooms, cafes, and showers.

It is also great for relaxation, with an amazing meditation space right in the heart of the complex in which your employees can go and enjoy a spot of yoga or simply take a breather.

This can be a big help when it comes to wiping out work-related stress and is sure to help keep your employees physically and mentally fit.

The Monument, 51 Eastcheap, EC3M 1JP

This Serviced office has a truly stunning location, right on the edge of the City of London.

From the rooftop terrace you get an amazing view of the London skyline and many of the great landmarks that adorn it.

This is the ideal spot to relax, so when you add to that the natural design elements that run throughout the building, as well as the comfortable seating that is readily available for employees to enjoy, this is perfect for relaxation.

The building is just over 40 years old but due to a recent renovation feels brand new, and with an abundance of natural light from the stunning floor-to-ceiling windows, you’ve got everything you need to feel comfortable and really enjoy your workspace.

10 Bloomsbury Way, Holborn, WC1A 2SL

Sometimes an office doesn’t feel like a workspace, and this stylish Serviced offering in Holborn is an example of that.

Step inside and you will feel more like you’re in a stylish bar or hotel, with plenty of natural decorations and furnishings throughout.

Rich colours have been used on the interior, with plenty of calming tones to help you feel at ease while working away.

There are lots of unique features here, such as an in-house piano and a poker table which are just more reasons to love this one-of-a-kind workspace.

When it comes to relaxing, the recharge room is stocked with comfortable seating, warm colours, and space to lay back and catch your breath, which just adds to the calming feel of this space.

10 York Road, Waterloo, SE1 7ND

Our next office is the world’s largest co-working space and is right at the forefront when it comes to wellness and relaxation features.

If the comfortable seating and open, fresh, spaces aren’t enough, then the breakout spaces and reading room are sure to clinch it.

There is natural greenery spread throughout seating areas and workspaces, and some lovely outside spaces where you can catch a breath of fresh air away from the desk.

Commuting to the office is simple and stress-free, with Waterloo station right on the doorstep and a wide variety of tube stations within a short walking distance.

And finally, it’s pet friendly, so you can bring your dog along to work with you, which is proven to reduce stress among many other benefits.

131 Finsbury Pavement, EC2A 1NT

This Serviced office covers a whopping twelve floors and is packed with fun features that are sure to delight your workforce.

There is a pool table to let your staff blow off some steam, as well as a mother’s room, wellness room, event space, and a lovely roof terrace that offers great views over Finsbury Square.

The interior is packed with great artwork, funky designs, and comfortable seating which all make this a really welcoming place to work.

This combined with the features mentioned earlier are perfect for allowing you to work in a fun office, but also provides some spaces where you can slow the pace down and burn off some stress, which makes it the best of both worlds.

Relaxing London Office Space from One One One

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